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  • M.H. Birge and Sons

    An Aesthetic Movement trade card from Birge in 1885.

    Buffalo, New York

    M.H. Birge and Sons was one of the finest and most important wallpaper manufacturers in America.   Founded in 1834 in Buffalo, New York. they went out of business in 1982.

    The work of Birge is a special research interest of mine.  I am interested in any primary source materials related to Birge, including:

    • Catalogs (like the annual Birge Book)
    • Wallpaper Sample Books
    • Remnants & Rolls (older than 1940)
    • Postcards & Trade Cards
    • Billheads & Ephemera
    • Birge Family Items

    A 1907 postcard of a Birge Arts and Crafts interior.

    If you have any of the above and are interested in donating, sharing or selling them, please contact me at